Feste Lariane by Luigi Mozzani

Feste Lariane by Luigi Mozzani (1869-1943)

Mozzani guitarist Louis was a great performer, teacher, composer and instrument maker. He was born in Faenza,Italy, March 9, 1869. Soon his tour took him to America where he lived for two years (1894-1896) and where he published in New York the three volumes of “Studies for Guitar”. He then settled in Paris where he came into contact with the greatest guitarists in the currently active: Alfredo Cottin , Gelas and Miguel Llobet. In France he wrote “8 Pieces for solo guitar” became interested in violin making, namely the construction of the guitar. In 1899 he published several pieces for guitar, including the famous “Prayer”.

Romantic. Key of A minor. 3/4 time signature. 8 pages. 95 measures.

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