Estudio para pulgar E indice by Gerardo Nunez

Estudio para pulgar E indice by Gerardo Nunez (1961-)

Gerardo Núñez Díaz (born 1961) is a Spanish guitarist and composer. His roots lie in flamenco, but he has also ventured into fusion with other genres, especially jazz. As a composer, his music is complex and rich, but it allows him to demonstrate his playing ability, as he is a great guitarist. He has composed a large number of pieces for one of his best artistic partners, Carmen Cortés. He also made a version of El Amor Brujo, for four guitars, and he has even attempted fusion with other kinds of music, especially jazz, but without ever leaving out flamenco as its foundation.

Modern. Flamenco. 39 Measures. 3 pages. 6/8 Time Signature. Tune Down 1/2 step. key of a minor.

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