El Diablo Suelto by Heraclio Fernandez

El Diablo Suelto by Heraclio Fernandez (1851-1886)

Heraclio Fernández Noya was a Venezuelan musician, best known for the composition El Diablo Suelto. From a very young age resided in La Guaira with his father Manuel Maria Fernández, from whom received his first piano lessons. In Caracas founded the newspaper El Zancudo, a weekly magazine whose first number circulated on 9 January, 1876. On 10 October, 1884 the bi-weekly magazine El Museo started publication; in each issue it published a piece of music of some composer of the day as well as musical literary works of a satirical-humoristic type, that Fernández signed with the name of El Zancudo in that magazine. On Saint Joseph’s day (19 March), 1888, El Diablo Suelto was published. This was a waltz-joropo composed by Heraclio Fernández; its score was located and published by Alirio Diaz and later by Jose Peñín, editor and director of the Dictionary of Spanish and Hispano-American Music and the Encyclopedia of Music in Venezuela.

Latin. 68 Measures. 5 Pages. Time Signature 3/4. Key of varies.

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