Dolor by Jose Dononstia

Dolor by Jose Dononstia (1886-1956)

Padre Donostia was not only one of the greatest Basque composers of sacred, symphonic and stage music, but also a highly influential collector of and expert in his native region’s folk-music. His greatest achievement was to bring prestige to traditional Basque music, faithfully and elegantly conveying its deeper significance, as well as achieving the perfect balance between the direct assimilation of tradition and the huge influence of his impressionist contemporaries, Ravel and Debussy. In their depiction of text, landscape, children’s games and music from religious processions and festivities, his Preludes for piano show a charming simplicity and nostalgic lyricism.

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Modern Era. 16 Measures. 3 Pages. Time Signature. Drop D, Key of G minor.

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