Dengoso by Joao Pernambuco (Guitar Tab)

Dengoso by Joao Penambuco (1883-1947)

joao Pernambuco
João Teixeira Guimarães (1883-1947), better known as João Pernambuco, is one of the founders of the Brasilian guitar choro style, and his compositions for solo violão are deservedly considered belonging to the core of classic choro, popular with guitarists, loved and admired by audiences in Brazil and elsewhere.

Latin. Drop D tuning. Time Signature: 2/4. 5 pages. 91 measure. key of D.

2 thoughts on “Dengoso by Joao Pernambuco (Guitar Tab)”

  1. Haven’t seen you site before but I like it. I couldn’t find Brejeiro by Pernambuco to hear it,so your little MP3 jingle gave me a good idea of how its supposed to go, ditto for Dengoso for which I also have the sheet. Thank you for the tunes.

    1. I am glad you Find this midi useful. Most sites gives you the sheet music. Thats it. I feel whats missing is the audio reference to go along with each piece. if someone is about to devote some serious time working on a piece, an audio helps determine firstly how lovely or terrible a piece is. How difficult a piece is. Maybe the piece gets tremendously difficult in the middle or end of the piece. I have worked on a piece for weeks then come to the end and it became too hard for me to proceed. This is a great frustration so to hear a piece in its entirely certainly helps. Thanks for your comment. If u have facebook please click on the ‘like’ button to get future piece updates. Thank you for visiting

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