Corazon De Nino 2 by Raul Di Blasio (Guitar Tab)

Corazon De Nino (solo)by Raul Di Blasio (1949-)

raul Di Blasio
Raúl di Blasio (born November 14, 1949) is an Argentine latin jazz and easy listening pianist. Born in Zapala, Argentina, Raúl Di Blasio showed a great interest in piano at the age of six. After his parents’ recommendations that he should study music, he began to pursue piano as a career.

Modern. Piano Piece. Arranged for the solo guitar. 55 measures. Key of d minor. 3 pages. If you are looking for the duet version: click here. There is a solo guitar version by Pepe Duarte out but i cannot find the sheet music. This song was a special request, does anyone have a copy of the “nueva version”? I would be more than happy to tab it out.

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