Columbianas de Bajo Guía by Manolo Sanlucar

Columbianas de Bajo Guía by Manolo Sanlucar (1945-)

Manolo Sanlucar
Manolo Sanlúcar (Manuel Muñoz Alcón) is a flamenco composer and guitarist born in Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Cadiz) in 1945. He is considered one of the most important Spanish composers of present times, and together with Paco de Lucía, Serranito, and Vicente Amigo, one of the main figures in the evolution of the flamenco guitar in recent years.

Flamenco. Capo 2nd fret. Key of A. 325 Measures. 15 pages. 2/4 Time Signature. Rasgueados. Special Thanks to Jesús Rodríguez for the tab.

Guitar Demo (Antonio Spark)

Guitar Pro Playthrough

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