Classical Gas by Mason Williams

Classical Gas by Mason Williams (1938-)

Classical Gas is a guitar piece like no other, an anthem for an era, the most influential, most played, most loved instrumental hit of all time. This song-written more than 40 years ago-has been used as the theme music for Granada Television’s watchdog broadcast “This is your right” running from 1972 to 1986. Classical Gas is a classical gem-well worth learning. You will become a better classical guitar player by playing this popular song. Both hands will be tested. Plenty of action up and down the neck. Various right hand plucking patterns to deploy and many chords for the left hand to tackle. Devote some time to learn Classical Gas. It is one of those songs, like “stairway to heaven” that music lovers immediately recognize!

Listen to Classical Gas by Mason Williams Download Classical Gas by Mason Williams Sheet Music

Modern. 82 Measures. 7 Pages. 60s tune.

Guitar Demo (Mason Williams)

Guitar Pro Playthrough

4 thoughts on “Classical Gas by Mason Williams”

  1. If I can learn to play this before I die, I’ll die a happy man. Thanks for the work you put into this website. Love it!

    1. Ha ha. Part of the reason why i put these pdf up is because I cant play most them. Might as make the midis and share them. But as they say practice makes perfect. Click on facebook like if you have facebook. Thank you!

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