Caramba (Habanera) by Bartolome Calatayud (Guitar Tab)

Caramba (Habanera) by Bartolome Calatayud (1882-1973)

Bartolome Calatayud
A prominent Majorcan guitarist and composer whose passion towards the guitar brought forth music full of harmony and expression. A great personality who established a position as the best Majorcan guitarist and one of the best concert performers of Spanish guitar music, a contemporary of Llobet and Segovia.

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The habanera is a genre of Cuban popular dance music of the 19th century. It is a creolized form which developed from the contradanza. It has a characteristic “Habanera rhythm”, and is performed with sung lyrics. It was the first dance music from Cuba to be exported all over the world.

Caramba (Habanera) . 35 Measures. 3 Pages. Key A minor.Time Signature 2/4.

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