Batucada by Isaias Savio

Batucada by Isaias Savio (1900-1977)

Isaiah Savio was a Uruguayan performer and educator based in Sao Paulo, from 1931. He studied piano as a child for 4 years and then opted for the classical guitar. He was a student of Conrad Koch , has given concerts throughout South America and, from 1931, settled in St. Paul, where he assumed the chair of classical guitar at the Conservatory of Music and Drama of St. Paul. Isaiah Savio was also a remarkable composer, with many pieces inspired by the Brazilian folklore. He was professor of great talents of Brazilian classical guitar, composer and arranger Marco Pereira , composer Jonathan Batista Neto , the concert Antonio Carlos Barbosa Lima and Maria Livia São Marcos and also the teacher Henrique Pinto.

Latin. 77 Measures. 5 Pages. Time Signature 2/4. Key of E

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