Caboclinhos by Sergio Assad (Guitar Tab)

Caboclinhos by Sergio Assad (1952-)

Sergio Assad
Sergio Assad is a Brazilian guitarist, composer, and arranger who often performs with his brother, Odair in the guitar duo Sérgio and Odair Assad, commonly referred to as the Assadbrothers or Duo Assad. Over the last twenty years Assad has concentrated most of his efforts on building a repertoire for the guitar duo. He has extended the possibilities of the two-guitar combination through his arrangements of Latin American music by various composers.

20th century. No. 5 of Suite Brasileira No 3. Poco agitato. Key of F. 2/4 Time Signature. 7 pages. 171 Measures. Fingering by Thomas Viloteau.

The Suite Brasileira No.3 blend forms of cultural expression of a specific region of Brazil, the Northeast, involving part of the state of Bahia, the great Pernambuco and some of Alagoas and Rio Grande do Norte. Caboclinhos is a dance of fast movements with its origins on folklorc manifestations from the state of Pernambuco.

Guitar Demo (Thomas Viloteau)

Guitar Pro Playthrough

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