Andante Sentimental by Jose Vinas

Andante Sentimental by Jose Vinas (1823 – 1888)

Although Jose Broca dedicated himself completely to the guitar, Vinas, thanks to his extraordinary musical talent, was also a singer and composer- and, above all, a conductor at a great variety of theaters in Spain- in addition to his career as a guitarist. Together with Julian Arcas, Vinas is esteemed as one of his age’s most significant guitar virtuosos. His interpretation of the works of Aguado and Broca were considered to be exemplary, and he appeared as a guest performer in a number of European countries with much success in 1844. Vinas’ altogether ambitious compositions demonstrate that they are completely rooted in the dance forms typical of those times: polka and mazurka, waltz and tango are his favorite forms. In addition to these, the fantasias are of equal importance.”

Romantic. 81 Measures. 4 Pages. Time Signature 3/4. Key of a

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