Air by John Blow (Guitar Tab)

Air by John Blow (1649-1708)

John Blow was an English Baroque composer and organist, appointed to Westminster Abbey in 1669. His pupils included William Croft, Jeremiah Clarke and Henry Purcell. In 1685 he was named a private musician to James II. His only stage composition, Venus and Adonis (c. 1680-1687), was thought to influence Henry Purcell’s later opera Dido and Aeneas. In 1687 he became choirmaster at St. Paul’s Cathedral, where many of his pieces were performed. In 1699 he was appointed to the newly created post of Composer to the Chapel Royal.

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Baroque Era. 12 Measures. 1 Page. Time Signature 4/4. Key of A minor. 2 Barre Chords. Play Moderately. Easy Guitar Piece.

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