Fandango Varié (Opus 16) by Dionisio Aguado (Guitar Tab)

Fandango Varié (Opus 16) by Dionisio Aguado (1784-1849)

Dionisio Aguado
Dionisio Aguado was a Spanish classical guitarist and composer. Born in Madrid, he studied with Miguel Garcia. In 1825, Aguado visited Paris, where he met and became friends with lived with Fernando Sor. Aguado’s major work Escuela de Guitarra was a guitar tutorial published in 1825. Dionisio Aguado has attained lasting fame through his method for guitar, which is still in print today.

Classical Era. Adagio. 3/4 Time signature. Key of F/Bb minor. 247 bars. 13 pages

Guitar Demo (Rebeca Oliveira)

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