Abide With Me by William Henry Monk

Abide With Me by William Henry Monk (1823-1889)

Probably better known in his day as an organist, church musician, and music editor, William Henry Monk composed a fair number of popular hymn tunes, including one of the most famous from nineteenth century England, “Eventide”, used for the hymn Abide with Me. He also wrote music for church services and a number of anthems.
“Abide with Me” is a Christian hymn by Scottish Anglican Henry Francis Lyte, most often sung to William Henry Monk’s tune “Eventide.”
Lyte wrote the poem in 1847 and set it to music while he lay dying from tuberculosis; he survived only a further three weeks after its completion.

Romantic. Christian. 18 Measures. 2 Pages. 4/4 Time Signature. Key of D. Drop D.

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