Catching The Light by Antoine Dufour

Catching The Light by Antoine Dufour (1979-)

Antoine Dufour Antoine Dufour is a French-Canadian acoustic guitarist. Dufour started playing guitar at the age of 15. He went on to study at the CEGEP in Joliette, where he listened to the music of Leo Kottke, Don Ross, and Michael Hedges at the behest of his teacher. Since then, he has gone on to place second at the 2005 Canadian Guitar Festival’s Fingerstyle Guitar Championship and first place in the 2006 competition.

D A C# E B E Tuning. 4/4 Time Signature, Moderato. Acoustic. with pick. Harmonics. Hitting Guitar Body as percussion. 5 pages. 41 measures. 20th century

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One response to “Catching The Light by Antoine Dufour”

  1. hiya says:

    This is not my style.. Slapping a guitar and prying a guitar neck is not my cup of tea at all . So. I don,t like the video and this guy at all…

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