Campesina Santandereana by Jose Alejandro Morales

Campesina Santandereana by Jose Alejandro Morales (1913-1978)

Son of Dolores López Morales and Tulio, was one of the most important Colombian composers, besides being one of the more plays left. Always characterized by its elegance, as well as his musical talent. It was the first composer in Colombia to protest songs, with the song Yesterday I drove the old Pueblito people and these were his best known songs throughout Colombia, which is then spread around the world in several languages ​​including English, French, and so on.

Latin. 20th century. 53 Measures. 3 Pages. 3/4 Time Signature. Tuning. (1=C, 2=G, 3=D, 4=A, 5=E, 6=G#) Duet.

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