Um Dia de Noviembro by Leo Brouwer

Um Dia de Noviembro by Leo Brouwer (1939)

Leo Brouwer
Juan Leovigildo Brouwer Mezquida is a Cuban composer, conductor and guitarist. He is the grandson of Cuban composer Ernestina Lecuona Casado. Brouwer is best known for his performances and guitar compositions of modern music.

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Modern. 76 Measures. 4 Pages. Time Signature 3/4. key of a minor.

1 thought on “Um Dia de Noviembro by Leo Brouwer”

  1. For starter, in bars 36 & 44 the notes in the staff are correct, but the tablature fingering is wrong.

    The arrangement on Class Clef Bar 36 shows 7- 5- 4 frets on 1st string followed by 7th fret on 2nd string, 4th fret 1st string and then 5th fret on second string

    It should be a continuation of the partial barre on fret 9 in bar 35 across strings 1-4..

    The tablature notes should be fret 12- 10 – 9 on 2nd string, fret 11 on 3rd string, 10th fret 2nd string and then 9th fret 3rd string.. This same sequence is repeated on bar 44

    Let me know if this makes sense to you

    I think there are also some similar errors in the tablature fingering for bars 46-449, but I haven’t completely worked it out yet

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