Estudio 3 (Canción Parameña) by Efrain Silva (Guitar Solo Tab)

Estudio 3 (Canción Parameña) by Heitor Villa-Lobos (1952)

Efrain Silva
Efrain Silva (1952) is a Venezuelan guitar virtuoso, his teachers were Rodrigo Riera and Alirio Díaz. His concerts has taken him around the world. As a composer, he has written for solo guitar, chamber music, choirs and symphony orchestras. He has edited three books of Studies, arrangements and original pieces. Estudio 3 is taken from Canción Parameña.

20th century. 42 Measures. 3 Pages. Key of D. Time Signature 3/4. Estudio

Guitar Demo (Matthew McAllister)

Guitar Pro Playthrough

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