Sargento Cabral by Agustin Barrios (Guitar Tab)

Sargento Cabral by Agustin Barrios Mangore (1885-1944)

Agustin Barrios Mangore
Barrios’s compositions can be divided into three basic categories: folkloric, imitative and religious. Barrios paid tribute to the music and people of his native land by composing pieces modeled after folk songs from South America and Central America. Imitating the compositional style and techniques of the Baroque and Romantic periods was another side to his craftsmanship.

Romantic. 4 Pages. 34 Measures. 6/8 Time Signature. Drop D Tuning. I have seen another version of this piece with standard tuning using the Open D string (4th String) as the bass note.

Juan Bautista Cabral (c. 1789 – 3 February 1813) was an Argentine soldier of the Regiment of Mounted Grenadiers who died in the Battle of San Lorenzo Cabral saved the life of General San Martin by placing himself between the bayonets and San Martín. The rank of sergeant was given to him posthumously due to meritorious actions in the battle. Augustin Barrios Mangoré composed this piece dedicated to the memory of him called Sargento Cabral.

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