Melodia de uma noite (A Night Medlody) by Silvestre Fonseca (Guitar Solo Tab)

Melodia de uma noite by Silvestre Fonseca (1959)

Silvestre Fonseca
Silvestre Fonseca (born in Lisbon in 1959) is a classical guitar composer, teacher and concert performer. Silvestre is considered to be one of today’s best classical guitarists, distinguished with several national and international awards. He composes music for theater and cinema and teaches at multiple institutions. In 2012, he was the guest lecturer at the opening of the Andrés Segovia International Festival, at the San Isidro Museum, in Madrid.

20th century. Dedicated to Edson Lopes. 46 Measures. 3 Pages. Key of E minor. Time Signature 4/4.

Guitar Demo (Edson Lopes)

Guitar Pro Playthrough

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