Heartstrings by Masaaki Kishibe

Heartstrings by Masaaki Kishibe (1964-)

Masaaki Kishibe Masaaki Kishibe, is an acoustic guitarist from Japan. Masaaki Kishibe was born in Osaka and began studying piano at a young age, eventually picking up the guitar by the time he was 14. Kishibe learned both instruments at a fast pace and eventually decided he wanted to take learning music more seriously and began composing his own music using the fingerstyle technique.

20th Century. Acoustic Fingerstyle. Capo 3. Tuning. (1-D 2-A 3-G 6-C) 158 Measures 11 Pages. 4/4 Time signature. Album: Ways. Plucking patterns. Arpeggios

Category: 20th Century, Fingerstyle-Acoustic, Japan, Masaaki Kishibe, Plucking Patterns

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