El Noi de la Mare by Traditional

El Noi de la Mare by Traditional

The Music of Spain has a long history which has played an important part in the development of Western music. It has had a particularly strong influence upon Latin American music. The Latter, found within Central and South America, is a series of musical styles and genres that mixes influences from Spanish, African and indigenous sources.

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Spanish Traditional. 15 Measures. 2 Pages. Time Signature 6/8. Key of A minor. Tempo moderate. Easy Guitar Piece.

6 thoughts on “El Noi de la Mare by Traditional”

    1. text files takes time. i am going for volume. of course fingering is helpful but one should also figure out for themselves. part of the fun!

  1. I understand. Thank you anyway, you do a phenomenal job. I learned a lot from this page.
    Did you arrange this? I love it. I would refine that it’s also a christmas song.

    1. thank u. I did not arrange this piece. My entire site is from books or web. This piece was taken from the web.

  2. Thank you so much from Vietnam. I really appreciate your effort,and your dedication in the name of humanities.

  3. The version that is mostly played is in D major, not A.

    It makes use of many harmonics in the melody as well.

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