Learn how to read music like a pro

Classclef provides free sheet muic in both standard notation and tablature form. The Superior method to read guitar music is the former-notes. If you can read music, you can pick up any instrument rather quickly. With tablature, however, you are restricted to only stringed instruments.

Recently I have encountered an online course Learn how to read music like a pro which I thought is apt for guitarists who would like to start reading notes (and not solely rely on reading tabs). Reading tab is convenient but it gives you Less Than 8% Of The Information That Notation Gives You. Mozart, Beethoven, Bach did not write Tabs! Music is about notes, not numbers! Okay so Mozart, Beethoven and Bach did not play the guitar but you get my point.

Why bother to Read?
Notation allows you insight into the music itself, into the mind of the composer and subtleties of the composition itself. Sheet music provides a blueprint of how things work in the smallest detail. But it does more than that, it show you WHY they work the way they do.

This knowledge is invaluable for learning, performing and understanding the material on a deeper level. It is also crucial for better understanding technique and how it can be used, adapted and improved.

If you know how to read sheet music but it’s a slow and painful process that seems to kill all the joy or if you spend much more time figuring out the notation, rather than enjoying the music, then this course is for you.

From taking your first steps in reading music, to those that know the basics, this course shows you the proper way of reading guitar sheet music. In the process you’ll not only learn techniques for mastering reading but also to help you make quantum leaps as a guitarist. Not only that, the way the course is structured makes the learning process easy and fun.

Finally, the beauty of taking this course is that you can stop and start the courses as you wish (if for example you have to leave town for a week) and also, you save a boatload of money, as courses like these cost several hundred dollars.

What the course offers

Heres a sample of what you will get from enrolling this 8 weeks course

  • The Notes – Rhythm & Ease Of Reading
  • Developing Eye Movement – For Easier Reading
  • Developing Rhythmic Coordination – Master Rhythm
  • Notes On The Guitar Neck – Find Any Note Easily
  • Positions On The Guitar – Read In Any Position
  • Binary And Ternary Rhythm – How To Master Triplets
  • Phrasing – Understanding Structure
  • Dynamics And Expression Indications
  • Reading Without Looking At The Guitar Neck
  • Secrets To Reading Chords Fast
  • Tips & Tricks For Reading Across Neck
  • Master Reading Concepts

If this looks promising to you on your quest to become a better musician, Enroll Here. For a small price, you will not only be able to improve significantly on your sight reading but also be able to play more instruments, not just the guitar.




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